Trailer Maintenance, Repair and Servicing

Old brakes in need of service.

These brake components are typical of many trailers we have in our workshop for repairs, the brakes are neglected and often suffer from corrosion, excessive wear and poor adjustment. In many cases the brakes are not operating at all, we recommend a yearly trailer service to ensure the trailer is safe.

Horsebox with broken hinges

We have the facility to fix most problems that occur with trailers, this Ifor Williams 505 horse trailer requires new ramp hinges and the ramp springs adjusting.

Horsebox with rotten floor

The Ifor Williams trailer shown was originally fitted with a wooden floor which rotted away under the rubber matting, this was replaced using a new aluminium floor from Ifor Williams. We can replace all trailer floors using a range of materials including Hardwood for Rice Richardson trailers or Aluminium floors as used by Wessex trailers.

Do you own a Brian James trailer? At Southern Trailers we are pleased to offer specialist Brian James trailer servicing.

Are you in need of parts of spares? Check out the wide range of Brian James trailer parts we offer.