Brian James Trailer Servicing

It's important to regularly service your Brian James trailer to ensure it continues to run safely and effectively on the road. The authorities are becoming very strict about trailers that are not safe with hefty penalties awaiting those who do not keep their trailers roadworthy.

At Southern Trailers we are proud to offer specialist Brian James trailer servicing to help keep your Brian James trailer operating to the highest standard. We offer only the highest levels of servicing and have vast experience in servicing all types of trailers, as well as general maintenance and repairs.

Our comprehensive trailer service will ensure that all aspects of your trailer are at their best, from brakes and brake cables to lights, couplings, wheels and tyres, all using our specialist Brian James trailer parts.

Brian James Trailer Servicing from Southern Trailers

Why do you need to service your trailer? These brake components are typical of many trailers we have in our workshop for repairs, the brakes are neglected and often suffer from corrosion, excessive wear and poor adjustment. In many cases the brakes are not operating at all, which is why we recommend a yearly trailer service to ensure the trailer is safe.

Why Southern Trailers for your Brian James trailer servicing?

With many years' experience and friendly customer service, we believe we are the best choice for your Brian James trailer servicing. Our full and comprehensive service are the best way keep your trailer roadworthy and to help you get the best out of it.

We strongly recommend that you get your trailer serviced every 12 months to make sure that your trailer continues to be safe and work to its full potential.