Brian James Trailer Parts

Brian James Trailer Parts from Southern Trailers

At Southern Trailers we stock parts for all makes of trailers including: Brian James, Ifor Williams, Indespension, Wessex, Brenderup and Bateson, this means we offer a fast turnaround time as we very rarely have to order in parts, meaning that your trailer will be off the road for the shortest possible time.

The brakes pictured to the right are rusted and warn and clearly in need of repair or replacement. Brakes and brake parts are just some of the spares and parts we can offer.

We stock a wide range of Brian James trailer parts and are able to provide the means to offer repairs, general maintenance or Brian James trailer serivicing.

Whether you are in need of new components for your trailer's braking system, new wheels or tyres or replacement lights and bulbs, we've got the parts you need.

If you're after Brian James trailer parts, give us a call today or drop us an email at or visiting our online shop.

Our online store stocks everything from tow balls to couplings and other components like brake parks, lamps, hubs, suspension parts and more. With competitive prices and prompt shipping, we accept all major credit and debit cards making it easier than ever before to order your Brian James trailer parts.