Brian James authorised dealer Brian James TT-D Trailer

Brian James TT-D Trailer

A special lightweight commercial trailer with advanced features designed for towing behind single vehicle transporters. By towing a TT-D not only is the capacity of a transporter doubled, in addition the TT-D can be uplifted onto the transporter quickly and easily using the purpose designed optional equipment on the return trip.

We supply Brain James TT-D trailers to customers across the South of England, including Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and beyond.

TT-D Series Type Load bed length
Load bed width Axels Gross cap. Kg Load cap. Kg Wheel/Tyre size
T-TTD-010 4.2m 2.04m 2 2,600 2,000 10” low
T-TTD-030 4.2m 2.04m 2 3,000 2,400 10” low

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