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Brian James CarGO Tipper Trailer

CarGO Tipper is a versatile trailer, capable of transporting heavy bulk materials, large machinery, or even low ground clearance mowers among hundreds of other applications. Sharing the same core strengths as the rest of the Brian James Trailer range, the CarGO Tipper is equally at home on highways, byways or backroads. The product range is all electric operation with remote control as standard. The range includes options and accessories allowing you to specify your trailer to suit the job at hand. Every detail of the new CarGO Tipper trailer operation has been given considerable attention, leading to the design being widely acclaimed as one of the very best in Europe. Our automatic locking aluminium drop sides (available on all sizes) are not only the toughest, but also the easiest to use.

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Southern Trailers - Brian James CarGo Tipper Trailer Raised. Southern Trailers - Brian James CarGo Tipper Trailer being raised attached to pickup. Southern Trailers -  Brian James CarGo Tipper Trailer close-up of trailer workings and quality.

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