Trailer Repairs from Southern Trailers

Southern Trailers are experts at trailer repairs with many years experience and a proven track record. Over time trailers can deteriorate and if they aren't serviced regularly or not well maintained they can often require repairs. Components such as lighting, brakes, tyres, floors, hinges and more can break due to age, weathering or a variety of other factors but we can help!

We have extensive experience with all types of trailer repairs and also offer proven trailer servicing and trailer maintenance services.

Unfortunately, even with proper maintenance, some trailers can still require repair. Having your trailer off the road can be frustrating and can result in significant loss of revenue if you rely on your trailer for business purposes. At Southern Trailers we understand the importance of having your trailer on the road, running reliably and safely and endeavour to carry out all repairs to the highest standard and as efficiently as possible.

Below are some examples of trailers in need of trailer repairs

Trailer Repairs - A horsebox with broken door hingesTrailer Repairs - A horsebox with a rotten floor, not good!

Is your trailer in need of repair? Call us today on 01420 563786 or email and see if Southern Trailers can help you.