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Brian James CarGO Compact Trailer

CarGO Compact range are suitable for professional and domestic multi-purpose use. Key features are a highly durable lightweight chassis construction and its compact size. In addition many size and capacity configurations are available. This means true versatility; it can perform the tasks of a variety of trailers.The CarGO Compact range features wheels under the bed for a convenient and safe unloading height, while the optional 2m aluminium ramps allow mowers and machines to be loaded from the rear and the side.

We supply Brain James CarGO COMPACT trailers to customers across the South of England, including Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and beyond.

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Southern Trailers - Brian James CarGo Trailer winch. Southern Trailers - Brian James CarGo Trailer being loaded. Southern Trailers -  Brian James CarGo Trailer with ramps on side.

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